Define your Brand.

Your brand is what everyone else is saying about you.
Get them saying the right things.

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Your business has a brand. We want to know EXACTLY what your brand stands for so we can inspire everyone else to talk about you the way you want. Let's start with our 3-hour Define Your Brand workshop & go from there.

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Every good coach has a playbook with the rules of the game AND how their team plays it. It's one-of-a-kind. For their eyes only.

Every business needs a Brand Book to make sure everyone is following the same guidelines.

Once we're done with the Define Your Brand workshop, let's build your Brand Book together.


Your brand is what 

is saying about you, NOT what you're saying about yourself. 


Your brand is what everyone else is saying about you. 
Let's get them saying the right things!

5 episodes
1 workbook
30 minutes

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When you dream bigger, you allow yourself to live the life of your imagination. Sisarina tells it like it is through blog posts, to do lists, and the big adventure of branding yourself AND your work.


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