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We don't want to fix you.
You’re not broken.*

Your company is rocking the world. You're profitable and hiring. You don’t need a "partner" to identify your problems and sell you a solution - you want more growth. That's why you're here. Because branding.

Your brand is built on what everyone else is saying about you, NOT what you’re saying about yourself.

The people you've hired can tell us what your brand really stands for - from the inside out. That's why Sisarina begins every project with our battle-tested Define Your Brand team workshop. We want to know what your team knows so we can understand your brand and make sure the outside matches. 


*but we didn’t need to tell you that.

Dip Your Toe In

The quickest start is a workshop that touches all aspects of your company from branding & HR to marketing & sales. You get Melanie on-site for two full days of inspiration & brainstorming + a custom brand guide to keep up the momentum.

We want 2 Days  

Jump In Pants & All

Choose your own adventure & jump all the way in for 6, 9 or 12 months. Although we always start with the Define Your Brand team workshop, you decide whether you want to create your brand, evolve the one you have, or amp up the growth.

Show Us Your Stuff


When you dream bigger, you allow yourself to live the life of your imagination. Sisarina tells it like it is through blog posts, to do lists, and the big adventure of branding yourself AND your work.



This is the podcast for kickass humans who crave change, push limits, and light fires. It's all about your personal brand. Listen in to take your purpose to a whole new place.


Every time you walk into a room you show off our brand. Sisarina wants everyone to rock their brand personally and professionally. And we have a community just for you.