The team at Sisarina puts me at ease when dealing with anything e-commerce related, which can be stressful! Not only do they understand my sense of urgency, but they take the time to walk me through each step from basic questions to complicated behind the scenes website touches. Working with Sisarina has been nothing but a great experience.- Augden, Franceska Earls

September 2010

Love Your Neighbors

“True charity is the desire to be useful to others without thought of recompense”
- Emanuel Swedenborg


Supporting those around us is Sisarina's top priority. Between helping businesses get off the ground, supporting local charities & hosting events for you to meet your neighbors, we've been able to raise a lot of money & support. YOU are the reason we have been able to do that and to you we say thank you! <3


In September, we are hosting events to support New Endeavors by Women, Sarah Stanley with Celebration Ride, & a local family with Vision Walk. Come out for great specials & support them. Details below.


Fancy Little Things
Fashion Show

Sisarina & Polished Image Consultants hosted a fashion show in Bethesda on 8/25 raising over $600 for a local women's charity & people can't stop talking about it.

Check out the full recap, pictures, fashion show video, press & more!

Did you attend?
We'd love to know what you thought about it so we can plan for the Spring Fashion Show. Email us your thoughts.

Want to Start a Business?

Sisarina has been hosting guest-bloggers for the last month who are giving great tips on how they took the leap & got out on their own. Our Start a Biz series tells you to quit making excuses & just do it. Read now or regret it!

Upcoming DC Area Events

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