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June 2011

Name a Rockville Restaurant Contest

The Prizes

 - Bragging rights for naming a restaurant
 - A lifetime, personal seat at the bar with an engraved nameplate.
 - PLUS a party for you & 10 friends ($500 value).

 One free dessert nightly for an entire month (or a $100 gift certificate)

4th Place

Honorable Mention:
Urban Kitchen
by Jeremy Hurlbutt


NOTE: Names have not been researched or legally finalized. All names are only favorites of Whisk Group & can be changed at any point based on research.


Whisk Group, a DC-based restaurant group, enlisted the help of Sisarina to find the perfect name for their potential Rockville area restaurant. With Againn in DC as their flagship restaurant, they opened Againn Tavern in Rockville, MD with high hopes of more success only to find the concept didn't take as well as expected due to a very different market. Closing down and putting together plans of a re-opening with an entire new concept was when Sisarina stepped on board to find the name for it.

The Contest:
Sisarina took the concept to its web community. With a large group of marketers within reach along with tons of creative minds, we received 124 submissions in 10 days. The total number of names received was 635 in which 543 were unique. We cleaned the list, removed all the entrants names and presented it to Whisk Group. After careful consideration, they chose their favorite three. Owner Mark Wiess even added a fourth to the list and is excited about the possibility of opening restaurants with all four of the names in the future.

The Outcome:
The #1 name chosen will be used for the restaurant that was slated to open in September 2011 in Rockville. At this time, the opening date has been pushed back to early 2012 with the location in the suburban DC area due to undisclosed reasons. The winner will still received a spot at the bar of the restaurant they named and all other prizes will be awarded to recipients to be used at Againn Restaurant in DC.

1st Place

Billet & Barley
by Wendy Stengel




The Blue Ox
by Laura Forester

Client loved it!


The Whispering Hippo
by Katie Gill

Sisarina's favorite!
Huge thanks to all who entered! We appreciate all your effort! <3
Another naming contest will be coming shortly so stay tuned!
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