You have newly designed site, courtesy of Sisarina. We thank you for choosing us and we ensure the usability of PICO, our integrated content management system. However, there's more work to be done. With Sisarina's custom CMS, uploading documents, photos and images is a breeze, but how can you manage their quality so as to best represent your company and brand?

Sisarina offers a few easy ways to help you, even if we didn't build your website.


Post a PDF

It's customary that most documents posted to your site should be in a Portable Document Format (PDF). Not only can you guarantee that your content won't be misuse, you can also make sure that your customers and clients can access the document. Not all users have access to Microsoft Word, Excel or other specific document formats. PDF readers are standard on most computers and can be easily downloaded. Be sure to provide a link to a PDF reader, like Acrobat, for convenience.

Using PDFs can also be a great way to maintain your brand. Always include your logo and company information within the document so that users can have your contact information handy.

Most desktop PCs come with capabilities to create PDF from within the Microsoft Office Suite. As well, there are free tools you can use to create PDFs, like GoogleDocs and


Make Your Photos Beautiful

You don't need to have Photoshop to enhance your photos. Try using free web-based photo editing platforms, instead. Because it's web-based means that you can access it anywhere.

Aviary offers multiple design platforms from which to create and edit photos and images. You can also upload photos to edit directly from Picasa and Flickr, as well as any website. If you're familiar with Adobe's Creative Design Suites, you'll have no trouble finding your ways around Aviary Phoenix. If you're new to photo editing, Aviary provides support and training via forums and tutorials.You can auto-correct your photo or do it manually, using layers or adjusting the brightness or contrast, among others.

Speaking of Photoshop, another great free web-based tool is Adobe Photoshop Express. It lets users upload photosf from your desktop or photo-sharing site and select the desired visual enhancement. It auto-corrects it on the spot.


Create Consistent Content

With Sisarina's CMS you can create new content quickly and efficiently. But making your content speak to your audience can be tricky. However, once you learn how to identify the characteristics of your content, you can begin to write content that can attract visitors and business.

Take the time to identify the following:

  • audience: Who is your targeted customer? How old are they? What kind of experience do they have? Have they used your product before or are they new to the industry?
  • company: are you an authority or resource? Are you conversational or matter or fact? Do you like to tell stories or provide the facts?
  • message: are you promoting education? selling a product? encouraging new behaviors?

Once you have identified these characteristics, it will be easier for you to create content that speaks for your organization. It will help you guide the words you use, the way you explain things, and how to provide information.

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