Design is subjective but not all design is created equal. Sisarina & Michael Guill of 107 Designs got together to give you a month of design posts on how to do it better and what not to do. Although some of the posts tended to be a little silly, designing well and being "in the know" are key to making things usable. From writing your own design scope to knowing which fonts never to use again, this series was an eye-opening one for many. Read through these posts (or read the whole series on one page here) and let us know what you learned about design!


» Design: April Series - 4/1/11 - Sisarina & 107 Designs got together to inform the less design-savvy about fantastic design and usability.

» 10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Designer - 4/4/11- Melanie Spring of Sisarina put together a comprehensive list of things you should find out before hiring your next web or print designer.

» Incorporating Font Stacks in Your Web Design - 4/6/11 - Michael Guill of 107 Designs explains how easy it is to find a different way to show fonts that are still browser-friendly.

» HOW TO: Write Your Own Design Scope - 4/12/11 - Melanie gives you tips on putting together a design scope so your designer doesn't have to use osmosis to get it from you.

» HOW TO: Design Your Own Logo - 4/13/11 - Michael talks about how bad logo design can come out when a non-designer tries their hand at logo design.

» Why Does Design Cost So Much? - 4/14/11 - Amy Throndsen of Waterbeds for Cows tells her story of running 1,000 miles in 2011 and how she takes care of herself and her schedule.

» Three Typefaces You Need to Stop Using - 4/20/11 - Michael knows you understand that Papyrus & Comic Sans shouldn't be used anymore but what about Curls MT, Copperplate & Brush Script?

» HOW TO: Write Your Own Website Development Scope - 4/21/11 Melanie walks you through how to put your website ideas down on paper so your designer knows what to remember.

» HOW TO: Create Web Badges for Shipping Options - 4/28/11 - Special guest Nan Gibbons explains how simple it is to create a 'click here' button for shipping.


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