Advisory Services

It's easier to build with the right partner.

Building a business is SUCH an amazing experience AND can be the hardest thing you'll ever do. Your job is to know everything along with being everything to everyone. But you don't have to do it alone.

Sisarina works with entrepreneurs who really need a partner to walk alongside them.

We’ve worked with every type of business from A to Z — from attorneys and financial advisors to interior designers and motivational speakers — they all need the same support because they all have the same questions:

  • Am I being realistic in how I'm building this business?
  • Do I have the right business model?
  • How can I make my logo look more like me and less like the other guys?
  • What marketing platforms should I focus on, and which ones can I ignore?
  • Where do I find new marketing ideas?
  • How should my assistant greet clients on the phone or in person?
  • What do I really want out of my business?
  • What is the real plan for reaching my goals?

How does it work?

We start with the Define Your Brand Workshop and then work with you to build your Brand Book. Your Brand Book is uniquely YOU. It is built from a place of truth and trust. It is the essence of your brand - on paper. It's everything you've had in your head since you started but clearly defined. Your Brand Book will give you the confidence to know you're making the best decisions moving forward.

When your vision and your plan are in alignment, we get to work on the nitty-gritty with Sisarina by your side every step of the way. With equal parts business acumen, design thinking, and emotional intelligence, we work together to create an action plan to get you out of your own way and fast-track your business for setting the marketplace on fire with your awesomeness.

Accountability? Check.

Cheerleading? Check.

Connections, opportunities, and resources? Check, check, check.


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What else can we do with you?

Define Your Brand Workshop

From 100-year-old associations and 30-year-old burger chains to brand-new entrepreneurs, the Define Your Brand Workshop is where we begin. 

You want people talking about you - but you want them saying the right things. Fill out our Brand Questionnaire and then schedule three hours to get clarity on your brand so we can discover what attracts your clients and keeps them talking.

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Build Your Brand Book

Every good coach has a playbook with the rules of the game AND how their team plays it. It's one-of-a-kind. For their eyes only.

Every business needs a Brand Book to make sure everyone is following the same guidelines.

Once we're done with the Define Your Brand workshop, let's build your Brand Book together.

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Ready for a partner?


A Client Love Note

"Working with Sisarina not only exceeded VOSM's expectations, it was the day-to-day interactions with their team that made the whole process so enjoyable. Becuase of Melanie's leadership, patience, and expertise in facilitating large groups with very diverse and strong personalities, we were able to identify our brand, positioning statement, and core values. Our updated brand certainly captures the speciality of our people, practice, and facility at VOSM. We couldn't have asked for more."

- Colin Potts, Chief Operating Officer

Let us walk alongside you

We love helping others build.

Doing it on your own gets awfully lonely. We're here for you. We've been there and are ready to make sure you build the business you really want.

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